Three Cheers for Impact Investing



Everyday investors are noticing that doing well and doing good can be as compatible as cookies and milk—especially now on this connected globe of exploding investment choices.

The financial intermediaries are starting to pay attention to this demand for impact investing, as they well should. If they aren’t prepared to meet this demand, investors will jump to advisors who will—or they may decide they can do without the middle man altogether. That could lead to misguided and unhappy results.

So Wealth Magazine sends three cheers to the creators of the Impact Investing conference (Colorado Convention Center, July 21, 2013) and other similar events that are giving fuel and momentum to a profound trend.

At this event, attendees “learn how to market and sell a new breed of investment product that provides double-barrel returns, and they’ll see the world-changing results that ensue. From billionaires to Main Street investors, impact investing interest is big.”

Events like this are giving platform to heroes in this space, people such as Philippe Cousteau (yes, that’s Jacque’s grandson), the creator of GlobalECHO Foundation to support a hospital in the DRC, and funded from a new Global Echo ETF (NYSE: GIVE).

The trend is undeniable. Should we be surprised? It’s simple logic: If I can make just as much money investing in children’s well-being as I can from Acme Widget Company, what will I do?

Do you see other examples of doing well and doing good in our world? Let us know, and Wealth Magazine will give them three cheers too.

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How Open Are You Willing to Be?

By WEALTH Magazine Staff

Radical openness was the hot topic at TED 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland recently. TED is qualified to serve up this theme, as they built a global media powerhouse by giving away their content, brand, methods and formats.

TED speaker Don Tapscott spoke of four principles in a radically open world: transparency, collaboration, sharing and empowerment. All of these leading beyond networked information and knowledge, to networked intelligence, where some of the world’s greatest problems could be solved.

Has your company given radical openness a chance? Have you given it a chance yourself? Or is it just too scary?

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Live the Life You Have Imagined

By WEALTH Magazine Staff

As you charge into another week, remember the words of Henry Thoreau: “Live the life you have imagined.” This may need to start as a date with your imagination, where you  vividly see yourself living your dream. As you live in that place, you will carry yourself differently. You will speak different words.

Experts have said that gaining wealth and success is 80 percent psychological. Have you been working on the 80 percent lately?

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Everything You Need

By Kimberly V. Schneider

December, 2001. Our youngest daughter, Bridget, had a cough. For most kids this would not be worrisome, but Bridget had a congenital heart defect, developmental delays and a diagnosis of failure to thrive. She sounded like she was drowning in phlegm. I knew that her compromised heart function and oxygen capacity could be impairing her ability to throw off whatever More…

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Conduct ‘Due-Diligence’ Research Before Giving to a Charity

By WEALTH Magazine Staff

If you’ve visited us at WEALTH magazine before or seen our editorial products online, you likely know that we are big advocates of including charitable donations in your investment plan.

Donating to effective charities can make a significant difference in the world around us and in the lives of those less fortunate. And giving some of your money to nonprofit causes allows your legacy to have an impact far beyond your own family.

But we’ve also stressed that donors should do their homework before deciding how to invest in charities. More…

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New Developments in the Study of the Brain and Aging

By WEALTH Magazine Staff

Two new studies shed both a hopeful light and a cautionary one on brain-related capabilities of the elderly.

First, a study published in Child Development says that senior citizens can be as mentally agile as young adults. And although many seniors take longer to answer a question or offer a response, the main reason is usually that they are more concerned with accuracy than, say, young adults, who answer much faster on average. And accuracy, after all, is important.

This should be seen as good news for anyone concerned about age-related mental deterioration.

However, another study, this one published in the medical journal Neurology, says that about one in four seniors has suffered from a kind of stroke that can lead to memory problems. More…

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Family Holiday Traditions Should Go Beyond Consumerism

By Brian Peterson

As this story is posted, we are approaching the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. For much of our country, the winter holidays are a study in excess, with a strong emphasis on consumerism.

It’s certainly true that retail businesses make a big chunk of their money in the winter holiday season. And we are certainly rooting for a strong holiday season for retailers, because they make up about 70 percent of the U.S. economy.

But we don’t personally have to give in to the commercial aspects of these holidays — or any holiday, for that matter.

Many holidays have their roots in religious tradition. Christmas, Hanukkah and Easter certainly fall into that category. More…

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Amateur Filmmaker Goes Commercial With His Longtime Passion

By Martha Fry

For George A. Johnson, not one but two layoffs directed his passion for filmmaking into a promising career.

As a boy, rather than staging gunfights or battles of war with his action figures, Johnson positioned his plastic people as characters in productions of his imagination. Neighborhood friends became his audience as he cut his storytelling teeth.

Later, Johnson’s passion moved from live productions to films—albeit still on a small scale.

“I have had a passion for working in TV/film ever since I was about 5 years old More…

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How to Give Wisely and Effectively to Charities

By WEALTH Magazine Staff

Charitable giving should be an important part of everyone’s wealth management and growth plan.

Why? Well there are tax advantages, of course. But more importantly, giving to charity empowers the giver. You get to make real change by using some of your profits to support organizations and ideas that you believe in. And nonprofit organizations often have the expertise and backing to accomplish things you cannot do well by yourself.

The United States is a generous nation. More…

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Costa Rican Retreat Uses Holistic Wellness to Pamper Guests

By Martha Fry

This is living!

The Costa Rican national expression “Pura Vida!” denotes a philosophy encompassing the enjoyment of life, celebration of good fortune, and taking nothing for granted.

With this mantra in mind, former Arizona residents Bob and Jill Ruttenberg took their vision for an eco-rustic yoga shala to the beautiful Costa Rican countryside and created the Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Center.

“There is such a need for relaxing and rejuvenating in this stressful world we live in, says Bob. “We have designed Amatierra to awaken your transformative consciousness and breathe vitality into your soul.” More…

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