Job Security: Are You as Safe as You Think?

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Do you think you are playing it safe by staying in your job? It is high time to rethink that, even if you are a star player. Here’s why: Corporate loyalty is at an all-time low. The pace of change in nearly every industry is at an all-time high. Young and agile upstarts around the globe are killing their older and bigger competitors faster than David killed Goliath.

Taking this mindset has never been more critical: You are the president of your own company. And if You Inc. is getting all income from one client (such as your employer)–that can be a very risky place right now. This doesn’t mean you quit work tomorrow, but at least do this: Challenge your notion that staying where you are is the safest thing to do. All of us should be preparing for our next move.

Today’s world is favoring people who are reaching inside, grabbing their dreams and ideas and courage, seizing the power of a digital and connected world, and taking wing.

Tama Kieves, the author of “Inspired and Unstoppable,” said it best: Wild, amazing, visionary people are the new safe.

Jump in…. the water is fine.

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